How Kohvieri Coffee Shop manage young workers better with Camelo

Kohvieri is a charming family-owned coffee and tea shop located in the old town of Tallinn. They have a large selection of high-quality, exclusive coffee and tea products available. At first, they had difficulties with manual scheduling, especially when they had to manage a young workforce. Their transition to digital software—Camelo—has marked a significant improvement in how they schedule and track attendance for their young workers.

Born from a dream

Kohvieri was born from a heartfelt dream — a dream that belonged to the manager’s mother.

“It’s a family business and it was always my mom’s dream to have a little coffee and tea shop, so we started it,” Kohvieri’s manager shares.

Anyone interested in coffee or tea can buy exclusive products from Kohvieri. The manager says,

“Our shop is so special that some businesses that we buy from won’t allow other shops in the country to sell their stuff but only us.”

The help from supportive friends

Like many businesses, Kohvieri faces their fair share of challenges. Finding reliable workers, especially among young people and students, was a common problem. Thankfully, they had a network of supportive friends who could lend a helping hand when needed.

Scheduling was tedious, so they went digital

At first, the coffee shop relied on paper and pen to make schedules. They had to gather all the workers to make a schedule that works for everyone, a tedious and messy process.

So, Kohvieri’s manager looked for a scheduling app. And she found Camelo.

“It was pretty easy to use”, she says, “we kept using it because IT (technology) improves every day and since we have young workers, they prefer having everything on their phone than on a calendar on the wall.”

Making sure people work the shifts they want & show up at work

One feature that the team at Kohvieri really liked is clocking in and out with the app using location. When employees start their work shift by clocking in, Camelo records their location. This helps the manager or supervisor confirm if employees are at the correct work sites.

“We really liked the clocking in method where it (Camelo) tracks your location. So we know no one is just turning it on but not coming to work.”

The manager also likes the open shifts feature and the shift claims feature on Camelo. Open shifts allow employees to pick the shifts they want, and shift claims make sure employees only take the shifts they can actually work.

“With Camelo, I can make an open shift for employees to choose who wants to work at that time and also they can reject the shifts when it doesn’t go with their schedule.”

Getting the support they need

But it wasn’t just the features that convinced Kohvieri; it was also the support team at Camelo. The team tries to be responsive, helpful, and dedicated to finding solutions to users’ difficulties.

“What do you like most about Camelo?”

“I absolutely love the support team in Camelo. If I have a question they help immediately, and if I have a problem with anything then they are supportive and trying to find a solution for both sides.”

Helping businesses and the environment

Camelo didn’t just improve the operations of Kohvieri; the app made the owners’ lives easier. It saved them time and contributed to saving the environment by removing the use of paper calendars.

“Camelo has definitely saved time and also saved nature with us not using paper calendars anymore.”

In the end, when asked if they would recommend Camelo to others, the answer of Kohvieri’s management was a resounding “Yes”. Camelo’s flexibility and personalization options made it a perfect fit for their unique needs.

“Yes, I would recommend Camelo to others because you can personalize it to your preference so it fits for everybody.”

Try Camelo now and see the difference yourself.

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