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Before switching

I planned my employees' shifts on papers and notebooks. The work schedule was always a mess, full of strike-throughs and messy handwriting. Changes were so difficult.

Savior Care
Jerad Hagenes (owner)

I felt like half of the time managing my business I spent on scheduling shifts.

Pristine Pros Cleaning
Laurence Schneider (owner)

So many emails back and forth for sick-leave and time-off requests. So difficult to manage who's on and who's off. So much hassle for keeping track of things.

Diamond Ridge Construction
Thomas Bailey (co-owner)

I hesitated to use a digital method to manage my team because I wasn't a high-tech person. I was wrong. I could use paper and pen for drawing, writing, not scheduling.

El Pirata Porch Restaurant
Alex Kolly (general manager)

After switching

Finally, we don't have to be drowned in endless piles of paper schedules anymore. My team members are notified whenever there are changes in the schedule. No one misses their shifts anymore.

Lee Harvey’s
Seth Smith (co-owner)

All of my staff's shifts, tasks, and time-off requests are in one place—my phone. Managing my staff has become easier with just a few swipes and touches on the screen.

J&D Cafe
Jared Lebsack (owner)

I can easily see who's on and who's off, who's available and who's not.

Clippings N Cuts
Ravi DeRossi (owner)

I no longer dread looking for shift replacements. Camelo recommends who's appropriate for the shift, and I simply need to choose a name.

Lavish Health Clinic
Kate Johnston (general manager)
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