A central hub for team communication and scheduling

All team conversations are in one app.
Organized, transparent, and accessible to everyone.

Keep employees updated, wherever they are

Send private messages or chat in groups

Discuss different subjects via topic-specific channels

Communicate schedule changes in seconds

The team messaging app that keeps everyone in sync

Camelo is built to connect team members and keep your team in sync.



Make announcements that reach 100% of your workforce and keep everyone on the same page.



Organize specific discussions by project, topic, group, and team. Channels can be private or public. Public channels give everyone an overview of what's happening.



Chat privately with a team member, or socialize in groups. Quickly ask if someone can cover for a shift, or explain why you can't approve a time-off request.



Notifications of new messages, shifts, and tasks are sent to each employee’s inbox instantly.

The team messaging app that keeps everyone in sync
Schedule and Messaging in just one app

No more hopping between spreadsheets, emails, and chat apps

You can now schedule and message your team in just one app. No more manual spreadsheets. No more endless scrolling through distracting email chains. No more messy chat apps where important information gets buried.

Keep your staff updated, wherever they are

Important information and conversations don't get lost. Staff can access messages on Camelo from any device, wherever they happen to be. Camelo is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Keep your staff updated

Why use the Camelo team messaging app?

Thousands of team leaders have chosen Camelo. Try Camelo and see the difference yourself.

Schedule and message your employees in just one app.

Save hours of time spent on unnecessary emails and messages.

Keep discussions transparent, on-topic, and accessible to everyone.

With Camelo, my staff always know where they should be, when they should be there, and what they should be doing.

Great teams begin with great communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A team messaging app, also known as a team chat app, is a messaging platform for teams. Team members can make announcements, share news, and send instant messages to individuals or groups.
You can quickly make announcements of schedule changes to your whole team. Send messages to ask whether someone can cover for a shift. Create a specific channel to discuss a new team project. And more.

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