The reliable time tracking app that saves you hours

Keep employee's time and attendance under control with Camelo

Record and store employee shifts
Record and store employee hours automatically
Export timesheets for payroll
Export timesheets for accurate payroll
Realtime attendance app
Check real-time attendance anytime

A time clock app that makes your life hassle-free

Camelo eliminates expensive hardware, messy paper time cards, time theft, and forgetful mistakes.

Clock in and out easily

Turn any phone, tablet, and computer into a time clock.

Employee clock in and clock out app
Employees clock in and clock out using location-based, Wi-Fi, and facial validation.

Clock in by different ways

Employees clock in and clock out using location-based, Wi-Fi, and facial validation.


GPS-based time clock ensures that your employees clock in at the right location.


Employees clock in by connecting to the location's Wi-Fi network.

Facial Recognition

Employees clock in by taking a selfie at the location.

Prevent time theft

Prevent employees from clocking in early
Clock employees out automatically in case they forget
Get rid of buddy punching
Mangage remote/offsite workers better

Prevent employee time theft
Timely reminders for shift work

Receive timely reminders

Employees get notified when they’re running late or forget to clock in.

A timesheet app that streamlines payroll

Ditch those messy paper timesheets. Rid yourself of manual time tracking work.
Let Camelo record, export, and maintain timesheets for you.

Record employee hours

Camelo automatically records, saves, and stores employee timesheets for you.

Record shifts hours app
Record, Verify, edit and approve shift timesheets

Verify, edit, and approve timesheets

Verify, edit, and approve timesheets at the end of each pay period to make sure timesheets are accurate.

Keep records of employee timesheets

Stay compliant by keeping records of employee timesheets, including edit history.

Export timesheets for payroll

Export timesheets for processing payroll accurately and paying your staff correctly.

Export timesheets

View real-time attendance at a glance

Get a bird’s eye view of your workforce

who’s working, where they’re working, and what they’re working on
who’s on, who’s off, and who’s running late

View realtime attendance for shift work

Why use the Camelo time tracking app?

With Camelo app, you’re not just saving time and money. You’re making life easier for your teams so they can focus on their most important tasks.

Save yourself hours on tracking time and attendance manually

Save your business from costly timesheet mistakes

Give employees assurance that they're paid correctly

Track and manage employee hours on any devices, anywhere

I've saved at least 3 hours every week since using Camelo. It does the mundane work for me, while keeping important data accurate.

Save hours on tracking time and attendance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A time clock app, also known as a time tracking app, is an app that allows employees to clock in and clock out of their shifts via different devices. It automatically records employee work hours and creates timesheets for payroll processing.
A timesheet app records the clock-in and clock-out time of employees and creates timesheets automatically, making it easier for employers to track employees' total hours and run payroll.
It's a combination of a time clock app and a timesheet app.
All! Camelo lets employees clock in and clock out right on the app, so you can record their attendance. Employee work hours are recorded automatically, and you can export timesheets for payroll later on.
Time and attendance tracking can be time- and energy-consuming if you use paper timesheets, or spreadsheets on Excel and Google Sheets. Software like Camelo streamlines the whole process, making it easier for you to track your employee hours and attendance. Plus, Camelo offers a free plan with basic features and a free trial for a paid plan.
Camelo features 3 methods of clock-in validation for you and your employees: GPS-based, Wi-Fi, and facial recognition. Employees can use a GPS location stamp, access the location's Wi-Fi network, or take a selfie at the location to prove that they've arrived at work.
It's useful for any business, especially for offsite workers such as caterers or repair workers. They can easily clock in once they've arrived at the location.
Yes, Camelo lets you export timesheets to an Excel spreadsheet.
Yes. You can manage multiple locations in just one app.

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