How Camelo improves the scheduling process in IMC

Intercon Management Consulting (IMC) is a consulting firm that specializes in providing practical solutions to companies and organizations in various areas, including stakeholder engagement, networking, and event and talent management. Like many consulting firms, IMC faced numerous challenges in effectively managing their employees and streamlining their scheduling process. However, thanks to the discovery of the Camelo app, IMC's Manager, Ricardo, witnessed a remarkable improvement in their shift scheduling operations.

Challenges of a consulting firm

Consulting firms face various challenges in their operations. Gaining and building trust with clients while balancing workloads can be tough. Standing out in a competitive market requires constant innovation and improvements.

Ricardo, the Manager of IMC, considered employee management one of the toughest aspects of running a consulting firm.

"Each employee has their own needs, preferences, and opinions. Managing employees requires lots of balancing, communication, and patience."

The search for an efficient scheduling solution

IMC operates with employees working in shifts, making a reliable and efficient shift scheduling system crucial. In an attempt to find a suitable solution, Ricardo extensively explored various options, including spreadsheets and random scheduling apps.

Unfortunately, none of them proved effective. Some solutions demanded excessive customization and proved challenging for employees to navigate. Additionally, communicating important scheduling information became a laborious task, resulting in frequent miscommunication, confusion, and unnecessary delays.

The struggle to strike a balance between meeting operational demands and considering factors such as availability, preferences, and fairness for all team members was a persistent challenge for Ricardo and IMC.

"It was hard to balance between meeting operational demands and considering availability, preferences, and fairness for all team members."

Scheduling has become a breeze

Ricardo stumbled upon the Camelo app while searching on the web. Impressed with the user-friendly interface and robust features of Camelo, he decided to use it for a while to explore all its capabilities.

Creating schedules has become a breeze. Ricardo can drag and drop on the web app to schedule shifts. When he’s outside, he can use the smartphone app to do the scheduling. The smart algorithms on Camelo help him assign shifts while considering employee availability, skills, and preferences.

"Camelo has changed our shift scheduling process for the better. It's like having a dedicated scheduling assistant that never makes mistakes. Thanks to Camelo, we have saved many hours every week."

Communication is definitely improved

In addition to seamless scheduling, Camelo also streamlines communication between management and employees in IMC, eliminating the need for multiple back-and-forth exchanges.

Ricardo can share critical updates, shift changes, and reminders with individuals and the entire team through Camelo's notification and messaging features.

"Communication with our employees is so easy now. Camelo helps me keep my team well-informed and updated."

From chaos to seamless operations

Camelo's automated features and time-saving benefits have not only improved the operations at IMC but also enabled the company to allocate more time and attention to delivering thoughtful guidance and recommendations to their valued clients.

The remarkable impact of the app's functionality has left Ricardo and the entire IMC team highly satisfied, leading them to make a resolute decision to continue utilizing Camelo for the long term. By solidifying their commitment to the app, IMC can confidently rely on its capabilities to streamline their scheduling process and focus on providing exceptional consulting services without any hesitation.

"Camelo has become an invaluable tool for Intercon Management Consulting. We can now focus more on delivering exceptional consulting services rather than getting caught up in scheduling conflicts. I don’t see the need to look elsewhere for another solution anymore."

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