How Camelo helps Ballarat Care manage support workers

Ballarat Care is a small team of professional and qualified support workers delivering person-centred care to clients. They cater private funded clients and NDIS self or plan managed participants. Mim, the founder of Ballarat Care, used to go through a very slow scheduling process. She had to text each employee to let them know about their shifts. When she found out about Camelo, she realized she didn’t have to waste so much time on scheduling work anymore.

Giving people the professional care they need

Mim, the founder of Ballarat Care, has worked in the health and aged care industries for years. With a nursing background, she has profound experience in looking after a wide variety of people—the elderly, people with physical and intellectual disability, acutely unwell patients, and more.

With the experience she has and the goals of providing high-quality support services to the Ballarat community, Mim created Ballarat Care.

From personal care support and domestic support to community support and nursing care, Ballarat Care makes sure clients are put first and well taken care of.

Overseeing employees is challenging

Running a healthcare business is not an easy job. There are so many challenges Mim has to face. One of them is overseeing employees.

“Overseeing people is the most challenging job for me. Each employee has their own individuality. Taking people on board and making sure they share the same values as you do is a continuing process.”—Mim shared.

While managing employees, Mim constantly faces a difficulty that hinders her progress—scheduling work.

Scheduling used to be slow

“Prior to using Camelo, I do the scheduling manually. It's either by using a whiteboard or a calendar app on my device."

To notify employees about their shifts, Mim had to send texts to each of them, one by one.

It was surely a slow process. It involved a lot of back-and-forth communication to get employees to confirm their shifts.

A better way to scheduling

Mim then found out about Camelo on social media.

When she first tried out the app, she was impressed that Camelo was so user-friendly. She could navigate easily and find all the tools necessary for her admin work.

And her initial problem was solved. She didn’t have to text each employee anymore.

“With Camelo, once I popped in their shifts, I can then notify them straight away. Also, they are able to confirm if they are happy with them.“

Mim also likes the open shift feature on the software. The feature allows employees to select shifts that align with their preferred working times, giving everyone autonomy and flexibility in their work schedules.

“What I like about Camelo too is the open shift. If an open shift comes up, anyone can see it!”

Over time, as all the features she needs are in the app, Mim chooses to stick with it. Camelo becomes an essential tool in streamlining her business operations and managing her employees.

When asked if she would recommend Camelo to others, Mim told us, “Yes 100%. It has all the features you will need!”

Shifting time from admin tasks to business priorities

Not only Camelo helps with rostering, but it also helps record timesheets automatically, which is convenient for payroll processing and admin work.

“Since using Camelo, I have saved a lot of time doing rostering and timesheets. It is heaven sent for my small business.“

With all the time saved, Mim can shift her focus toward other crucial aspects of her business. Rather than being overwhelmed by admin tasks, Mim can now concentrate on improving the quality of care provided to her clients.

“What I like most about Camelo is that it’s convenient and less stress for admin work.”

A meaningful journey with solid beliefs and firm support

Despite the difficulties, offering support work is still one of the most rewarding jobs Mim has ever been into.

Mim and her team firmly believe that providing clients with "Choice and Control" over their lives enables them to reach their full potential. The team also believes in equality for all—with disability or not.

With the beliefs and understanding of the unique needs and preferences of each client group, Ballarat Care is actively and passionately delivering tailored, high-quality assistance and care to those in need.

And Camelo is proud to be one firm source of support throughout the team’s journey of solidifying their beliefs and reaching their business goals.

“I am very grateful for Camelo being the best scheduling app on the market. It has taken my small business to the next level.”

Mim (Owner)

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